The end of January marks the first filing deadline on which 2014 political candidates must record their collected campaign funds to the Federal Election Commission, but, so far, information from the John Walsh for Senate campaign is missing.

The reports show Republican Steve Daines with a bulging war chest of over $1.3 million. Center for Responsive Politics (which runs the website Executive Director Sheila Krumholz says no one else is even close to that amount.

"Dirk Adams is kind of the second runner up in terms of fund raising, having raised $144,000 as of the latest filings," said Krumholz. "As the leading Democrat in the race, he has a lot of fundraising to do to catch up to Daines. Champ Edmunds has raised just about $20,000."

Numbers for presumed runner up, Democrat John Walsh were nowhere to be found, which could mean that the Walsh for Senate campaign raised less than $5,000 or forgot to file. Krumholz says the missing data is strange.

"It strikes me as strange, and I would expect that we would at least see the hard copy report filed. I can't imagine that there is any glitch in terms of just posting. I don't know why they would withhold that. I believe at this at this time it's likely a question for the Walsh campaign... 'where is their year-end filing?'"

Krumholz says that nearly half of Daines' campaign funds have come from large donations from individuals with the second largest amount of funds coming from Political Action Committees. Nearly half of the Dirk Adams campaign cash came from Adams himself, with the majority of the rest made up by large donors. The Champ Edmunds campaign was alone in having more than half of its funds from small individual donations.

Sheila Krumholz:

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