While we're seeing more electric vehicles on Missoula streets. there's still plenty of good old-fashioned "hometown horsepower" around Western Montana. Whether it's that lifted diesel pickup, an import "tuner", or even a thundering motorcycle.

But for a few hours this weekend, you can get a chance to see the vehicles that dominated Missoula streets back when glass packs, Cragar wheels, and an aftermarket 8-track were as common as bell-bottom pants and gas for well less than a dollar a gallon.

And that's a wonderful thing.

This weekend marks the 23rd year for the Bitterroot Classic Car Show in Missoula, the first sure sign that "cruisin' season" has arrived in Western Montana.

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A memorial for good friends too

This year's show actually has been renamed the "Bitterroot Classic Marty Bourassa Memorial Car Show", after the long-time member who was such a supporter of the Five Valley Ford Club, one of several aging car enthusiasts who passed away in the past year.

This week, we continued the tradition of having Jerry Brenner and the other club members swing by the studio to talk about their rides and encourage others to bring their rides to show, or just be a part of the admission-free display at the Southgate Mall parking lot outside Dillards.

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And it's not just for Fords

"It's an open show to anything," explains Brenner. "Motorcycles, all makes, it doesn't matter what it comes in. Tuners, Dodge, Chrysler, Chevy. You guys bring it, it's there."

It costs $20 for cars to enter the show, with plenty of trophies and other benefits. And all proceeds go to help local charities including KYSSMAS for Kids.

More than anything, it's a chance to re-ignite that love affair with cars. And maybe get a few kids interested in keeping up the tradition.

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