Montana drivers who purchased a new vehicle from Toyota in the last few years may receive notification soon of a recall on their vehicle.

Multiple voluntary recalls were announced by Toyota Motor Company on February 21, 2024, with a total of approximately 303,000 vehicles involved. Three separate recalls identified issues with the backup camera, head restraints, or the transmission.

The issue affecting the largest number of vehicles (approximately 280,000) affects "certain parts of the transmission" in certain vehicles.

...(parts) may not disengage when the vehicle is shifted to the neutral position. This can allow some engine power to continue to be transferred to the wheels and can allow the vehicle to inadvertently creep forward at a low speed when it is on a flat surface and no brakes are applied... - Toyota News Room

Here are a few details about the recalls announced:

Back-Up Camera Issue

  • Toyota Vehicles: 2023 Toytota Mirai*, 2023-2024 Lexus LS, LC, ES
  • Number of Vehicles: 19,000
  • Notification: by late April, 2024

Read the full recall notice

Head Restraint Issue

  • Toyota Vehicles: 2023 2024 Toyota Camry*, Camry Hybrid Vehicles
  • Number of Vehicles: 4,000
  • Notification: by late April, 2024

Read the full recall notice

Transmission Issue

  • Toyota Vehicles: 2022-2024 Toyota Tundra*, Sequoia and Lexus LX 600 Models
  • Number of Vehicles: 280,000
  • Notification: by late April, 2024

Read the full recall notice

*Only certain vehicles

It was less than a month ago when Toyota issued a "DO NOT DRIVE" advisory for a defect to the airbag in some Toyota vehicles. The vehicles identified in the advisory were from the year 2016 and prior.

For the previous recall and the three identified on February 21, Toyota has offered to address the issues at no charge to the consumer. They also point out that the recall information is "current as of today's filing date and is subject to change thereafter."

If you drive a Toyota and are unsure of whether or not your vehicle has been identified in a recent recall be sure to visit Toyota's Recall site or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.

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