Costco store are very popular all across the nation. There are social media accounts that are entirely focused on the latest deals available at Costco every week. There have been some changes at Costco lately with their leadership change. There has been a change recently in the rotisserie chicken packaging.

Montana Products Sold At Missoula's Costco

One of the cool things about Montana's local Costco stores is that they carry some Montana made products. It isn't all just name brand or Kirkland brand. Trying to support Montana made products is important to a lot of shoppers.

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Most Popular Item Sold At Montana Costco

There are things that I purchase at Costco on a regular basis and buy them almost every time I shop there. But what is the most popular product that is sold in Montana's Costco stores? According to they have the answer. It may not be what you think. Here are the most popular Costco products in states near Montana.

  • Idaho- Kirkland Italian Style Beef Meatballs
  • North Dakota- Food Court Hot Dog/Soda Combo
  • South Dakota- Kirkland Italian Style Beef Meatballs
  • Utah- Kirkland Diapers

Wyoming doesn't currently have a Costco, there is no information for them. For Montana the most popular product is one I have never personally purchased.

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It's not hot dogs, or their meatballs, things that I normally shop for. The most popular product sold at Montana's Costco stores are the Reese's Dipped Animal Crackers. A combination of animal crackers, chocolate and peanut butter. The only question I have now is, why haven't I bought these things yet? They sound fantastic. I will need to add them to my next shopping list, if they aren't sold out.

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