Working from home in Montana isn't easy. When the pandemic hit there were a lot of people nationwide that were able to shift to working and attending school from home. With the pandemic now in the past, for some, the model of working remotely has continued. For Montana, it is one of the most difficult places to work from home.

Montana Is Almost Dead Last When it Comes to Working From Home

According to WalletHub research that looked at the 50 states and the District of Columbia as to which states are the best and worst for working from home, Montana came in almost dead last. There is only one state worse than Montana to work from home, and that is Alaska.

New Jersey Is the Best State To Work From Home

Montana ranks 50th for working from home. The best states to work from home are New Jersey, Utah, Delaware, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. WalletHub looked at 12 key metrics in the ranking, including internet access and price and work distractions among other factors.

Montana's Internet Need Improvement To Have Us Rank Higher

In the category of internet, Montana is one of the worst states. Montana ranked 47th when it comes to the amount of households that have internet. Montana also ranked dead last when it came to cost of internet. Montana ranked just above Vermont when it comes to the number of people who are telecommuting. Montanans don't work from home. WalletHub also looked at distractions that people have while working from home. Montana has a lot of distractions. Just taking a look out the window, for me most of the time, I would rather be outside.

When the pandemic hit, I never had to work from home. I was able able to continue work as normal while working on the radio. I am hoping my luck continues and I won't have to work from home any time soon, because it is even more difficult to make that happen in Montana. If Montana looks to improve on this list, it looks like a lot of it will depend on improving our internet infrastructure across the state.

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