When you see the Montana spots that appear most on Instagram, you're probably seeing photos of Glacier National Park or Yellowstone National Park, may ski resorts, or lakes, and over course, the Beartooth Highway.

But these days, you'll probably have to wait your turn to take a picture of some of Montana's more popular locations. Yet the reason why we locals all love Montana is because so much of the state is beautiful, not just the highly trafficked places.

So here are a few underrated spots where you might run into fewer people and have a chance to take some beautiful photos, whether you post them to Instagram or not.

Lindbergh Lake, Holland Lake, Holland Falls

The lakes aren't as big as Flathead, the waterfalls not as tall as what you might see in Glacier National Park or Yellowstone National Park, but as the guy in the video says, "It's nature!!!"

Woodbine Falls, Montana

The hiking trail to Woodbine Falls is great for a day hike and when you reach the top two outlooks provide fantastic photo opportunities. If you appreciate nature photography, the wildflowers along the trail are pretty Instagram-worthy, too.

Molt, Montana

Molt, with a population just around 600 people, is an especially underrated spot, but the photos that are taken in the area border on being idyllic. Scan the hashtag #moltmontana on Instagram and you'll see moody dirt roads with mountains in the distance, a film crew, bison, and beautiful shots like the one below.

Clearwater Junction, Montana

The whole of western Montana practically melted down when the "Clearwater Junction Cow" went missing. Fortunately, the cow was returned after receiving a bit of a makeover. No question, it's a worthy stop to snap a pic.

Tin Cup Overlook, Bitterroot Valley

You might think you're in Switzerland based on the photo above. You'll find all kinds of photo-worthy opportunities along the Tin Cup Creek Trail and at the Tin Cup Overlook. You'll have to work for it a bit, but that will just make the photo that much more worth it.

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