Spoiler alert: Montana is not known for its diversity.

While the influx of new residents to Montana over the past few years might have helped with this, a 2024 study from WalletHub looking at the most diverse cities in the U.S. shows that Montana cities are some of the least diverse in the country.

With only 501 cities considered in the study, 10 Montana cities all appear in the 400s, with one ranking only six spots from the bottom of the list.

What Makes a City Diverse?

WalletHub looked at 13 variables of diversity that were grouped into 5 categories:

  • Socioeconomic Diversity
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Economic Diversity
  • Household Diversity
  • Religious Diversity

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Key Findings About Montana Cities

While overall rankings for Montana cities put them at the bottom of the list, some Montana cities rank well when looking at specific variables.

  • Top Montana cities for income diversity
    • Missoula ranks at #170
    • Bozeman ranks at #62
    • Billings ranks at #30
  • Top Montana cities for education attainment diversity
    • Missoula ranks at #142
    • Helena ranks at #127
    • Bozeman ranks at #101
  • Havre has the best racial and ethnic diversity of the Montana cities studied
  • Miles City has the best linguistic diversity of the Montana cities studied
  • Top Montana cities for birthplace diversity
    • Helena ranks at #189
    • Missoula ranks at #128
    • Bozeman ranks at #29

Full Rankings of Montana Cities by Diversity

Keep scrolling to see the 10 Montana cities included in the study of diversity in order of how they ranked. You'll see individual rankings for each city, too, as to how they stacked up against cities across the country.

10 Montana Cities Ranked by How Diverse They Are

Montana may not be known for its diversity but it is interesting to see the diversity within the state. WalletHub did a 2024 study of diversity in U.S. cities and we've pulled out the Montana cities below. Not all variables from the study are included, but you can get an idea of how diverse each city is.

Gallery Credit: Ashley

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