It's tax season, and one can hope to end up with a refund, but often even after paying taxes all year you still have to write a check if things come up short.

And only just a week or so ago, the second half of property tax bills went out in the mail. As we reported on KGVO, this did lead to some confusion for homeowners. Missoula County Clerk and Recorder/Treasurer Tyler Gernant provided an explanation and a reminder that second-half property taxes are due May 31, 2024

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Now, a study is showing that home insurance rates may be going up, too.

The good news is that Montana's average home insurance rate is not as high as other states according to an analysis from Insurify. Their latest data shows Montanan's average insurance rate for 2024 falls between $1,901 - $2,900. Florida shows the highest average rate at over $4,901.

The factors, Insurify says, that contribute to insurance costs include things like "climate catastrophes and inflation."

In my experience, other things can increase home insurance costs, too. Yes, my insurance has increased because the value of my home increased (inflation), but I have also been completing a fair number of renovations that increased my home's value and as a result, my insurance increased.

Still, the Insurify report shows that insurance will increase more for Montanans than those living in other states. When looking at the difference between the average insurance in 2023 and 2024, Montana's insurance is expected to increase by 12%.

That percentage puts Montana in the top 5 states where home insurance will increase most. Here are the other four states:

  • Montana 12%
  • Utah 13%
  • Michigan 14%
  • Maine 19%
  • Louisiana 23%

This may be related to data that also came out recently showing the Montana cities that will have "extreme fire risk" in the next 30 years.

Have you seen your home insurance bill increase recently?

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