Finding the right place to retire isn't an easy thing to do and it seems like it is only going to get harder as more people reach retirement age. If you think that goods and services in Montana have gotten more expensive recently you aren't imagining it, here is how much it costs to live in Montana.

Two Montana Cities Are on the List of Best Places to Retire

For those that are planning on retiring in Montana, there are two towns that have made the WalletHub list of "Best and Worst Places to Retire". Out of over 180 cities that were rated, both Billings and Missoula made the list.

Florida Cities Ranked the Highest

Four of the top five best places to retire, according to WalletHub, are located in Florida, with Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Miami making the top five. Coming in at number two is Scottsdale, Arizona. There has been an old joke for years about people going to Florida to retire. Maybe there is something to that.

Montana Cities Rank in the Four Categories

Missoula and Billings are the only two Montana cities to make the list. Missoula just missed the top twenty coming in at number 22. Billings also made the list coming in at number 84. WalletHub looked at four main categories, "Affordability", "Activities", "Quality of Life", and "Health Care".

Montana Ranks Highest in Health Care

Both Missoula and Billings ranked very high when it comes to health care, making the top 10. Missoula is ranked at number 3 and Billings came in at number 10. Montana has some excellent health care to be ranked that high the list of cities.

Montana Doesn't have Enough Activities, or Quality of Life

The lowest scores our Montana cities received were in two separate categories.  Missoula scored as one of the worst when it comes to quality of life coming in at 163. Billings scored it's lowest on activities available for retired people coming in at 163.

Billings and Missoula's Affordability

Being able to afford to retire is another topic. When it comes to "affordability", Missoula is ranked at number 90 and Billings is ranked higher at number 84.

Even Though Florida Cities Rank High, You Can Have Them

This list includes cities of all shapes and sizes from all over the nation. When it comes time for me to finally retire, I hope to be able to stay in Montana. I have no desire to move to Florida even though, according to WalletHub, that is the place to be.

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