If you've experienced the extreme displeasure of being maced, consider yourself lucky, unlike the kids at Jefferson Elementary.

Have you ever been maced? I have. Now, I know what you're thinking. "He must have resisted arrest, or did some other detestable act that would warrant such a response". That's not the case at all. 15-year-old boys aren't exactly the smartest arrow in the tree stand and bored Montana 15-year-old boys are even worse. The truth is, we wanted to see how bad bear spray actually was. We just sprayed a slight mist and walked through it. Bad idea. I cannot stress this enough, do not purposely set off a can of pepper spray, bear spray, or mace out of curiosity. It will not end well for anyone involved.

I can't imagine being an elementary student on recess and being hit by a brick wall of what feels like eye and mouth acid, but that happened to a few kids in Boulder, Montana this week.

Across the street from Boulder's Jefferson Elementary, the local police force was conducting a training exercise nearby. According to reports, the students and adults out at recess heard a loud 'bang' and shortly after started to complain of a 'funny smell' which was directly followed by trouble breathing and watery eyes. The local Helena newspaper, the Independent Record picks the story up:

An administrator reportedly made some calls and discovered MHP troopers were conducting the training behind Jefferson High School and "forgot to call the Elementary School to warn us". -Helena Independant Recrod

No major injuries were reported at this time, and it sounds like it wasn't too serious. Mistakes will happen, and luckily this wasn't as bad as it could have been. Trust me. And if it isn't apparent yet, do not, even as a joke, mess around with mace unless you are in danger. It's just not worth it.

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