The mystery of an illegal pro-Dan Cox, anti-Denny Rehberg mailer that has been circulating through Montana is still unsolved, but more information is slowly leaking out.

The mailer does not bear the required “PAID FOR BY” information that all electioneering material is supposed to have boxed on the printed material. Instead, it bears a simple box with the phrase Las Vegas, NV Permit No. 781.

Montanan's for Rehberg Campaign Manger Eric Iverson says that the permit has been traced to a publishing house in Vegas known as PDQ printing. Indeed, PDQ specializes in campaign materials. They also happen to advertise themselves as a "full service union printer" in a pamphlet distributed in 2012 titled "How to Win an Election in Nevada" PDQ touts their union roots, however, a quick glance around the Cox-Rehberg ad reveals no union seal.

So, this all begs the question, "Why would an experienced political mailer designer fail to do one of the most basic legal requirements and also forget to place their own union seal on a flier?" I suppose it could be an accident, but it sure looks planned.

After all of this, it is uncertain who paid for the ads in the first place. The first thought to come to mind, and already written about elsewhere, is the group Montana Hunters and Anglers, which are responsible for similar pro-Cox, anti-Rehberg television ads. So far, an official F.E.C. complaint has been filed against Montana Hunters and Anglers, which Iverson describes as a "democratic front group," but they have not said whether or not they ordered the flier.

Another important question, "Why choose a union printer in Nevada?" It is obvious that Jon Tester plays an important role in the senate. He is one of a few members acting as a firewall for Harry Reid, Senator from Nevada. If Teser looses, Reid is one step closer to losing his position as Senate Majority Leader. Could Reid be channeling his campaign connections to sway Montana's election?

We probably won't know until after the election.

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