Shortly after 10:00 p.m. on Saturday, Missoula Police Department officers were dispatched to the report of a gunshot in a residential trailer park. The complainant reported the shot came from two doors down from him.

Officers also made contact with the occupants of the trailer where the shot reportedly came from. A male was in the trailer and said he and his fiancé had been arguing over an issue with their children. Officers also located 32-year-old Jasmine Giffin in a bedroom. She said she heard arguing but was asleep.

Officers also made contact with a male that was attempting to leave the area. He told an officer that he and his brother, Giffin’s fiancé, were fighting, and Giffin fired a single round into the air to get them to stop. Because of conflicting stories, officers cleared the scene.

The original complainant contacted law enforcement again the following morning. He advised he lost internet connection the previous evening. Charter/Spectrum Communications advised that a bullet damaged an overhead fiber optic cable near Giffin’s address. There was an evident hole in the line. The damaged line was approximately 20 yards from the trailer occupied by Giffin. Detective Lieutenant Eddie McLean explains.

“An investigation was initially done, but a repair technician located a bullet hole in a fiber optic cable near the residence in questions the following morning, which cut off internet services to customers,” McLean said. “A subsequent investigation indicated Giffin had fired a handgun in the air when two other males were involved in a disturbance in front of her residence. A search warrant was ultimately obtained and officers located a handgun in her residence. She was subsequently arrested for criminal endangerment for firing the firearm in the air.”

A Charter technician noted that the bullet severed several wires and they had received multiple complaints about outages. It had impacted internet and communications to a Verizon cell tower were also interrupted. Charter estimates that it will cost $10,000 to fix the line.

Police applied for and obtained a search warrant of Giffin’s home. In the room that she had been sleeping in the night before, officers located a 9 mm pistol inside of a laundry basket. There were multiple juveniles in the trailer and the weapon was loaded.

One of the juveniles reported seeing Giffin with the handgun the night before and hiding it in a bedroom. Giffin denied owning a firearm, stating she was not supposed to have one. Giffin is currently being charged with felony criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly available.

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