Montana Insurance Commissioner Monica Lindeen today announced her effort to allow home and auto insurance companies to lower costs for military men and women in Montana.

"Commissioner Lindeen is pushing a bill for the upcoming 2015 legislature that would specifically allow home owners and car insurance companies in Montana to offer military discounts to active, reserve, and retired military men and women and their eligible family members," Jennifer McKee said with the Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Office.

McKee said the bill is just a small way that Montana can say thank you to those who have served and continue to serve.

"They are already offered in other states, not in every state certainly, but they are offered in other places," McKee said. "Our law has been a little unclear, so they're not offered here. This just spills it out, makes it black and white for companies who choose to offer these kinds of discounts. They would be under no obligation to do so, but if they chose to, it specifically says that these kinds of discounts are legal."

McKee said the discounts would apply to property and casualty insurers – not to health insurance, which operates under different rules. Property and casualty insurance includes homeowner’s policies, car insurance and the liability insurance businesses buy, among other things.

"There are so many ways to thank active military and veterans for what they've done and continue to do for our nation," Lindeen said. "This bill is just one small way for Montanans to say thank you."