The divisive presidential campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is putting political rifts between parties and genders on display across the country. There's some agreement in Montana though, where according to the 30th annual Montana Poll conducted by students and faculty at Montana State University, both men and women prefer Donald Trump.

"Trump is ahead of Clinton by 16 points," said MSU Polling Director Dr. Nisha Bellinger said. "We have Trump at 43 percent and Clinton 27 percent. 37 percent of the females favor Trump as compared to 33 percent of females who favor Clinton. So Trump, as far as this poll is concerned is ahead of Clinton even when it comes to females."

While Trump leads with both men and women, Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte has split support and polls show him currently behind incumbent Steve Bullock.

"We have Governor Bullock ahead of Greg Gianforte," Bellinger said. "Governor Bullock is at 44 percent and Greg Gianforte is at 32 percent. 51 percent of females support Bullock as compared to 26 percent supporting Gianforte, so you see a pretty prominent difference there."

The MSU poll asked questions of 590 Montanans and the results tended to give incumbent office holders an edge. Incumbent Congressman Ryan Zinke was also ahead in his race with Democratic challenger Denise Juneau, Zinke was leading in the poll with both males and females.


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