Merriam-Webster and Oxford dictionaries each released its word of the year recently. It's the word(s) that moved to the forefront of this calendar year and saw usage more than any other year.

Merriam-Webster's selection was...

- adj: of undisputed origin, genuine

Oxford chose...

adj: style, charm or attractiveness; the ability to attract a romantic or sexual partner

I hadn't heard of rizz before today... is that a real word or am I getting really old?

Rizz and authentic can relate to Montana, I suppose, but I asked the Montanans of Reddit "What is Montana's 'Word of the Year'? What word can best be associated with Montana? What word was said most in Montana this year?

A lot of these responses were negative or about a polarizing topic. This should be fun, so let's get into it!


"Shrinkflation" -joshuajjb2...
I had to look up the definition of 'shrinkflation.' According to Investopedia it's "a form of inflation, most common in food and beverage, that consists of reducing a product's size while maintaining its retail price." Ah... I see now.

"California" -1d0m1n4t3
This user says "the word i hear most in California, apparently they are the cause of all things good and bad in Montana depending on who you ask." It's so true. We are obsessed with blaming California on everything.

"Affordable" -ManintheMT...
But it's not what you think. This user says "Affordable', as in not affordable."

"Transplant" -AffectionateRow422..
Just like 'California' we're obsessed with transplants.

"Gentrification" -throwmeaway852145

"Development" -costigan95

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"Property taxes" -MontanaBard

This user explains "as in, I'm 3,4 or 5th generation Montana."

I literally LOL'd at this response. It might be two words forced into one, but I'll accept it.

"Leave" - csalexandra
This user says "After working there for a few years, I believe Montana's word of the year is "LEAVE".

There were some other responses that I can't post here due to some *cough* colorful language. Check out the entire thread here. If we're missing any words let us know in the comments on Facebook.

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