Missoula police were called to the scene of a beating Sunday, after a call came in reporting that a pedestrian had been knocked unconscious.

'It happened Sunday afternoon about 5:20 p.m. when officers were called to the report of one male attacking another in the 1,000 Block of east Broadway. When the officers were en route, they learned that the suspect male had actually left the scene on foot,"  said Missoula Police Public Information officer Travis Welsh. "The victim had actually lost consciousness during the attack, however, he did briefly come around when the officers arrived."

When the victim regained consciousness, he explained what had led to the attack before EMS arrived and he was rushed to the hospital.

"The victim was walking into one of the stores at that location on East Broadway and walked past a male who had spread out some personal items on the sidewalk.  The male suspect accused the victim of stepping on some of those items as he walked past, which started the argument that escalated into assault. "The victim is a resident of Missoula, whereas the suspect is homeless here."

Missoula police were able to find the suspect, 55-year-old John Ostermann, not long after the report came in. He is currently in the Missoula County jail facing a felony aggravated assault charge for causing "Permanent Or Life Threatening Injury."

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