In 2013, one of Montana’s longest running schools closed its doors for what many thought would be the final time, but it appears that fear will be short lived.

Grantsdale School in Hamilton, ended its 124 year streak as a public school last June, but, according to Hamilton Christian Academy head teacher Stephanie Beck, the doors will be open again this fall. Beck said Hamilton Christian Academy will be buying the property and hopes to do so with cash up front.

"The asking price was $350,000," Beck said. "I have a little bit of experience in real estate, and with the help of a great realtor, we offered $150,000. They came back with $170,000 for that property, and it was accepted. So we have, in the past nine weeks, raised $110,000."

Beck said a final closing on the property is scheduled for this Thursday, March 27, and that the school will be up and running again because of donations from the community.

"Grantsdale School closings was a difficult thing for a lot of community members because it has been here so long and a part of the community," Beck said. "We understand the decision that needed to be made, but when we saw it come available, what a great thing to keep this school operating after 124 years, and keep it with kids there, and education happening."

Hamilton Christian Academy currently has six teachers and 59 students. They plan on hiring three new staff members and will have a full K-12 school by 2018. They are currently trying to raise funds to purchase the property.

Stephanie Beck:


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