UPDATE---9:00 p.m. Friday, April 19  Peter Christian reporting.

Missoula Police Sergeant Bob Campbell is the lead investigator on the incident that occurred Friday evening, and provided the following narrative:

“We had a male who was in some sort of emotional crisis, but upon contact, we found him operating a motor vehicle in an erratic and reckless fashion,” Campbell began. “We attempted to make a traffic stop on the vehicle which was a Dodge pickup truck. He failed to yield to emergency traffic and we ended up in a pursuit down Reserve Street southbound.”

Campbell said the chase ended just off Brooks near Southgate Mall.

“We ended up just east of Southgate Mall in the area of Denny’s Restaurant and New Bridge Pizza where he crashed,” he said. “When all was said and done I ended up arresting this individual on one count of reckless eluding, a misdemeanor and three counts of felony criminal endangerment for placing traffic in danger along with pedestrians as well.”

Asked if the suspect was armed, Campbell said he was not armed upon arrest.

“Negative,” he said. “There was no indication of the use of a firearm, other than the possibility that he may have been in possession of a firearm at some point in time prior to our contacting him, but at no point in our interaction with him did he involve the use of a handgun.”

Campbell said two other vehicles were involved in minor crashes from the pursuit and those are being investigated separately. They were both non-injury accidents with no one taken to the hospital.

Campbell said the suspect, who has not yet been identified, was taken to Missoula Community Medical Center for treatment of what appeared to be minor injuries from crashing his pickup truck. He said the suspect will be booked into the Missoula County Jail after he is released from the hospital.


A witness has reported a high speed chase and crash around 6:30 p.m. this evening near the Southgate Mall on Brooks. He explained that he was enjoying a quiet date night with his husband at the new The Bridge restaurant when an employee there announced they were going on lock down due to a possible active shooter.

Everyone hit the deck confused. A moment later an employee crab walked in to explain there was an active shooter who had crashed into the side of the building in a car but police were onsite and all doors were locked. We just had to stay down.
Two minutes later, they told us the guy was apprehended but we need to stay put for a while. Highway Patrol had been chasing the guy when all of this happened.
Honestly, the staff here (The Bridge) was AMAZING. They locked down the whole building, got everyone down, and kept us informed. I'm so impressed. In addition, a family was out on the sidewalk when it happened and they got the family inside and safe, too.
We are glad that nobody in the restaurant was hurt, we'll keep you posted as we receive official details on this incident.
The vehicle on it's side is reportedly belongs to the alleged shooter.
Photo by Greg
Photo by Greg
Photo by Greg
Photo by Greg


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