Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but there is a reason why we’ve had an extended stretch of beautiful fall weather, and it has nothing to do with President Trump’s visit to Missoula.

Meteorologist Ryan Leach said there have been two major ‘blocking patterns’ hovering over the west for the best few weeks.

“We had a bit of an extended period of cool weather that sort of blocked up the flow and locks you into a certain weather pattern,” said Leach. “Now, the pattern has shifted a little bit to the east and now we’re locked into this nice ridge of warm weather. We’re expecting this to continue through the weekend and all the way through next week.”

Leach said it would take a strong system to move into the area to disrupt this warm weather pattern.

“Usually, there is a strong weather system that has to come in and knock it down,” he said. “Right now, it looks like that could be coming as soon as Thursday night or Friday of next week, but models are usually not that accurate that far out, but there’s plenty in the atmosphere that might make it want to persist, so I think we’ll be having some pretty nice weather even heading into next weekend.”

So, the weatherman’s prescription? Enjoy it while we have it!

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