The Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party, Monica Lindeen, has issues with two prominent Republicans in state government.

Lindeen said on Friday that earlier in the week she reported an apparent campaign violation by Secretary of State Corey Stapleton as he announced his plans to run for governor for the second time.

“Unfortunately, we did have to file an ethics complaint against the Secretary of State,” said Lindeen. “As most people know, Secretary of State Stapleton has announced his intention to run for governor in 2020, and then shortly thereafter there was a letter sent out with the state seal from his office pretty much announcing that he was going to run for governor, and that is a breach of state law. It also included in the letter that was sent out via email using state resources that anyone with inquiries could contact a state employee. So, those are inappropriate uses of state resources and anyone who has run for office in Montana and served in office in Montana knows that is a serious breach. It’s kind of a rookie mistake, but he’s not a rookie.”

Lindeen also commented on Montana State senate President Scott Sales’ effort to send $8 million from Montana to help fund the southern border wall.

“I see this more as a political stunt,” said Lindeen. “The reality is that when the legislature goes through its budgeting process, we need to look at funding our own infrastructure for the benefit of our businesses and the people here in Montana. We don’t traditionally or historically invest in federal projects. Conversely, the federal government invests in Montana projects.”


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