U.S. Marine Corps veteran Seth Jordan traveled from Belgrade, Montana all the way to New York City to appear on the Fox and Friends program to promote the Dog Tag Brewing Foundation, created to support Gold Star families.

On the program, Jordan, with Gold Star widow Megan Van De Giesen spoke to the hosts about the idea of creating beer in which each can honors a fallen hero from the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters.

"We wanted to make sure that these families that are, in my opinion, largely neglected and left behind aware that we will make good on our promise to never forget," Jordan said. "We came up with a concept to drive philanthropy, so every one of our beers is dedicated to a different fallen warrior, and we donate 100 percent of all our profits."

Jordan said the Dog Tag project started small, but has been growing steadily.

"Right now in our first run there are 32 families that we are working with, soon to be over 50," he said. "And our hope is to tell every single story that we possibly can. We don't pick the names, the families pick us. A family will contact us, apply for a grant, and once they are a successful grantee, the can is created as a token of appreciation for the hard work they're doing to help fund the projects they're doing in their communities."

Van De Giesen said the Dog Tag Foundation has greatly expanded the work she and her family have already been doing.

"Whet Seth and now Dog Tag is doing is they have brought it to the next level," she said. "Because, now, we're not just doing it for our community, but people nationwide opening a can with my husband's name on it and toasting him, that's just such an amazing movement."

Pabst Brewing Company supplies the beer as Dog Tag's national production and distribution partner.

The Dog Tag Foundation is based in Bozeman, and is a 501(c)(3) organization.