Following last weeks dramatic vote on the floor of the U. S. Senate denying President Obama his gun control victory, a Montana gun rights activist is encouraging citizens to hold Montana's two Democratic senators' feet to the fire over the issue.

President of the Montana Shooting Sports Association, Gary Marbut, authored several bills that made their way through the Montana legislature.

Senior Senator Max Baucus voted last week against the  Manchin-Toomey amendment to allow universal gun registration.

"I think we can hold Max Baucus' feet to the fire so that he doesn't vote for any more gun control in this bill," Marbut said last week.

"I think people especially need to contact Senator Tester, because he voted for the gun control provision, despite his promise not to support gun control. His excuse is to say, well, it's not really gun control, it's just universal gun registration, which he calls universal background checks," Marbut said.

Marbut continued, "there are all kinds of bad stuff in that bill, and all kinds of ways that law-abiding gun owners, under that amendment, could have become federal felons."

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid said late last week the Manchin-Toomey amendment has been tabled, for now, until he and President Obama can convince 60 Senators to vote for it.

President of the Montana Shooting Sports Association Gary Marbut


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