Getting internet service in Montana can be tricky, especially in rural areas where an estimated two-thirds of homes don’t have broadband access. A group called Connect Americans Now is trying to get the FCC to change policies that should spread broadband access, spokesman Charles Denowh explains.

"Connect Americans Now is a new coalition that is forming to advocate to the Federal Communications Commission to allow the commercialization of a new technology called television white spaces," Denowh said. "That's  a new technology that would allow broadband delivery over the airways, which is especially important in rural areas."

Denowh says the technology has been tested over the past decade and won’t interfere with cable providers. He describes the "white-space" as the spectrum between television channels.

"'White space' refers to un-utilized television spectrum, and it has potential to deliver high-speed internet to areas that don't have access right now," Denowh said. "I can tell you, that for Montana that's especially important because we have one of the lowest rates of broadband access in the country."

The FCC says it will consider the matter this year. Last year, the FCC overhauled regulations concerning Internet Service Providers, so change on this front is certainly possible.

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