On Monday, August 3, Montana Fish and Wildlife relocated a female grizzly bear for killing a domestic sheep just east of Avon. Executive Secretary for the Livestock Loss Board George Edwards says that this year, these grizzly attacks have become more common.

"January 1st through today, we have paid for 53 animals this year, and last year in the same time period we paid for 34 animals," Edwards said. "I'm aware of over 20 head of livestock cattle that were killed by grizzlies in the Red Lodge area that have not been claimed yet."

The government has paid almost 45,000 dollars in 2015 to folks with lost livestock.  Why are we seeing more grizzly claims this year?

"I have no idea why the numbers go up or down," Edwards said. "I've attended meetings with the grizzly bear committee and the bears are roaming farther out from their traditional areas, and were noticing a lot of producers that have never had claims before submit claims this year."

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