Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte was in Missoula Friday to attend the UM Bureau of Business and Economic Research forum at the Hilton Garden Inn.

On the way, he stopped by KGVO’s Montana Morning show to discuss various issues, including his trip to the southern border.

“We went to visit residents who have ranches on the southern border,” said Gianforte. “It really was shocking. Every one of these six ranch families that I spoke with had had their homes broken into while they were home. Every one of them had found dead bodies of illegal immigrants on their properties. One rancher I spoke to had put trail cams out, and based on pictures he took and his observations he estimated that 10,000 people a year come across his property alone.”

Gianforte said for Montana, it’s the drugs coming across the border that is the real problem.

“We saw videos of people in the desert crossing the border with drugs on their back,” he said. “This is the issue for Montana.”

Gianforte also said he spoke with Mary Todd, whose son Shane was killed several years ago in Singapore, allegedly by agents hired by Huawei, the company under scrutiny over theft of U.S. intellectual properties.

“I’ve met with Mary Todd, and what happened there with her son Shane was tragic,” he said. “I brought this situation this past week to the attention of the White House, and I’m working to try to bring some closure. The evidence seems to point to the fact that Huawei had some involvement there, and we’re going to have to get to the bottom of it.”

Gianforte was also excited about the latest job numbers and how the Trump tax cuts have allowed businesses to hire more people and increase wages.


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