On Friday, Governor Greg Gianforte released a statement addressing President Biden’s continued federal spending plans that Gianforte says will only result in continued inflation.

“Montanans are struggling with the Biden inflation tax seeing their paychecks stretched thinner and thinner as inflation hits a high we haven't seen in nearly four decades,” said Gianforte. “Inflation is making it harder and harder for Montanans to put gas in their cars and trucks and put food on the table and heating their homes. In spite of this troubling reality, President Biden and the Democrats in Washington, D.C. insist on spending trillions of dollars in new government spending, which will only make the inflation tax worse for hard working Montanans.”

Gianforte issued this personal plea to the President.

“I urge President Biden and the Democrats in D.C. to turn off the spigot of out of control spending and get inflation under control.”

Gianforte has made several such comments as prices on essentials such as food, energy and other basic commodities have increased dramatically in the past few months.

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