Montana Governor Steve Bullock was nominated yesterday as chair of the Democratic Governor’s Association. In January, Bullock will be one of just 17 Democratic Governors left in the country and will be tasked with finding promising Democratic candidates to compete for office in many deep red states including Kentucky and Mississippi.

Part of Bullock’s job will require fundraising, an element of the job that state Republicans point to as a sign of hypocrisy, in light of the many statements from Bullock against corporate influence in elections.

"Both [Steve Bullock] and Senator Jon Tester have derided conservatives for, in their opinion, taking 'dark money,' or money that can't be traced," said Montana Republican Party Chairman Will Deschamps. "Yet both of them now are going to be heading up organizations that do just that, I guess that is why we are saying that he's a hypocrite."

Tester was recently chosen to head up the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

It is thought that both Tester and Bullock were chosen because they had managed to appeal to voters in non-coastal states where Democrats have been struggling in recent elections.

Bullock isn’t the first Montanan to chair the Democratic Governor’s Association, former Governor Brian Schweitzer was chair in 2009. It is expected that Bullock will give up the chair in 2016 when he will have to spend time winning his own reelection.