Montana Governor Steve Bullock is scheduled to be in Missoula tomorrow for a rally in support of a host of bills that aim to curb "dark" money in politics. According to Governor’s office spokesman Dave Parker, two of the bills are being carried by Missoula legislators.

"There are actually four different proposed bills," Parker said. "One is the Montana Disclose Act, which is being carried by Republican Senator Dwayne Ankney, The Corporate Accountability Act, which is being carried by Missoula-area representative Bryce Bennett, The Public Contract Certification Act, which is being carried by Republican introduced by Republican representative Rob Cook, and, finally, the Expenditure Certification Act which has been introduced by Missoula Democratic Senator Sue Malek."

The rally will take place on the University of Montana Campus at 2:30 p.m. on the third floor of the UC Building in rooms 332 and 333.

Neither Sue Malek or Bryce Bennett are expected to be at the rally because of the rush of business at the legislature as the two houses hurry to get bills passed before the Transmittal deadline this Thursday.