Governor Greg Gianforte stated on Tuesday in no uncertain terms; there will be no mandates in Montana.

No mask mandates; no vaccination mandates; no government shutdowns; period.

At his press conference at the State Capitol, Gianforte encouraged everyone to get vaccinated, but he drew the line at mandates, because he said mandates don’t work.

“The state of Montana will not impose mandates,” said Gianforte. “One of the things we've learned over the last 18 months is that government mandates don't work. Cases of Delta Variant have increased nationwide in states with mask mandates, and in states without them. So let me be clear once more. The state of Montana will not impose a mask mandate and the state of Montana will not impose a vaccine mandate.”

Gianforte said he was leaving health decisions up to individuals and their families after consultation with their own healthcare providers.

“I trust Montanans to make decisions that are best for their health and the health of their loved ones,” he said. “Finally, Montana's open. We will not impose a government mandated shutdown of our state. Montanans have returned to their work sites, and others are getting back to work. Businesses are recovering, hiring and creating jobs. The best path forward to ensure we keep making progress on our recovery is for Montanans to get vaccinated, and if they're unsure or hesitant, to talk with their medical professional about getting the vaccine.”

Especially on social media, there is considerable pressure put on people who either are unsure about the vaccine or simply refuse to take it. Gianforte had this to say in his press conference.

“People who are hesitant to get the vaccine don't want a lecture,” he said. “They don't respond to sanctimony and virtue signaling. They want to be talked to with respect. They trust their personal medical provider to talk to them about the vaccine, answer their questions, clear up any uncertainty and provide them with medical guidance.”

Also, Gianforte addressed the dismal failure of the Biden Administration in its handling of the withdrawal in Afghanistan, saying it is a national and an international disgrace.

“Americans and people throughout the world are watching in disbelief as the Biden Administration's bloodstained failures continue,” he said. “The President's execution of our withdrawal is a national disgrace. This is the sentiment of Democrats, Republicans and independents throughout our country, and among bipartisan elected representatives in Washington DC. Those responsible for this debacle should be held accountable.”

Governor Gianforte was also joined by several state medical professionals and the director of the state’s Department of Emergency Services.

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