Montana’s U.S. Representative Greg Gianforte dropped in to the KGVO Radio studio on Tuesday morning to discuss issues relating to the current gubernatorial race, robocalls and the southern border.

When asked why he chose to run for Governor, Gianforte said he was responding to requests from the people of Montana.

“At the end of the day, when I talked to people over the last six months and prayed about it, what I heard loud and clear was that people want someone with business experience in Helena,” said Gianforte. “Of all the candidates running for governor, I’m the only one that’s created high wage jobs here in Montana. So much of the work that the legislature does ends up in the trash can in the Governor’s office. In fact, our current Governor is going around the country bragging about how many conservative bills he’s vetoed.”

Gianforte said he has introduced bills to stop the issue of robocalls.

“We all hate robocalls,” he said. “Do you know that last year there were 26 billion robocalls, and that was up 50 percent from the year before? This is why I was really pleased yesterday that the FCC took action to block a billion robocalls. I also introduced a number of pieces of legislation like the Stop Robocalls Act, which will allow telecommunications companies to block calls that are masquerading as numbers. I was talking to a woman in Bozeman who got a robocall that was actually from the number of her brother, but her brother had passed away a couple of months earlier. No one should be subjected to this.”

Gianforte also addressed the issue of the crisis at the southern border and how differently it is viewed on both sides of the aisle.

“There are two different views, “he said. “The more conservative view is to secure the border, close up the loopholes in the immigration laws and encourage people to come here legally. As for the other side, last week on the House floor, I had to vote on a $200 million bill to build a welcome center on the southern border. I voted no, but the bill actually passed the House, but was killed in the Senate.”

Gianforte had spent the 4th of July weekend attending rodeos and other gatherings across the state.

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