Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On January 16, 2024, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte and Lt. Governor Kristen Juras officially kicked off their reelection campaign. Gianforte said they want to continue honoring their commitment to the people of Montana and build on the successes achieved during their first term. 

“When you elected me as your Governor, it was to bring accountability to Helena and get real results for Montanans,” Gianforte said. “Each and every day, I’ve worked hard to do just that. Over the last three years, we’ve accomplished a lot together to create good-paying Montana jobs, expand opportunities for Montanans, and protect our Montana way of life.” 

According to Gianforte, they’ve provided record funding for our schools, increased teacher pay, and stood up for our veterans. 

“With Governor Gianforte taking the lead, we’ve created over 40,000 Montana jobs, had record low unemployment, and delivered a historic budget surplus with our conservative, balanced budgets,” Juras said. “We’ve provided substantial tax relief for Montana families and small businesses, and we’ve made Montana debt-free. We look forward to four more years to achieve more great results for the people of Montana.” 

In addition, Gianforte said they invested in law enforcement and safer communities.  

“We increased access to over 100,000 acres of public lands, but there is still more to be done,” Gianforte said. “Together, I know we can accomplish even greater things for our state and I am asking you to join me. There’s still work to do, as we build on what we’ve done. Serving as your Governor has been the honor of my life, and today I humbly ask for your support to serve another term.” 

About once a month, Governor Gianforte appears on KGVO’s Talk Back show and takes calls from listeners. 

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