US Representative Greg Gianforte is busy travelling around the state this month as part of his campaign for Montana’s governor. He spoke with KGVO News about details of his 2020 bid, including his recently-announced running mate and his hope for a businessman in the gubernatorial seat.

Gianforte announced Kristen Juras as his running mate and lieutenant governor at a rally in Billings on March 1st. Juras is an attorney and professor of law at the University of Montana, as well as a “small businesswoman” who has worked pro bono in her private practice for clients with disabilities. According to Gianforte, she has advocated for Montana’s farmers and ranchers who face legal issues.

Gianforte also told KGVO that he wants to see a businessman as governor and sees himself as the ideal candidate for such a position.

“We’ve seen what President Trump—a business guy--has done in the White House. We’ve got a booming economy, we’re getting trade deals done, we’re standing up to North Korea, and we’ve moved our embassy back to Jerusalem. Wages are going up—we now have more jobs than people looking for work,” Gianforte stated.

“My proposition is pretty simple: I’m a business guy. What I’m hearing is that, after 16 years of Democratic governors in Montana, people are excited about having a business guy in the Governor’s Office to create more good-paying jobs here in the state.”

As a Montana congressman, Gianforte is currently working in Washington to improve maternal health. Gianforte says that rural areas and reservations in Montana face poor maternal health, which is why he is a cosponsor on legislation that has been introduced to record and report data on postpartum health. He says that the Data Mapping to Save Moms’ Lives Act is important to identify and assist hotspots of inadequate maternal healthcare.

Gianforte said to KGVO that he is privileged to serve Montana and hopes to see a favorable outcome at the Republican primary on June 2nd.

“I am so honored to be able to serve this state…I want people to know that my doors are always open. I can’t do this job without being visited by folks. I’m excited about the potential of Montana and what we can do with effective business leadership in Helena.”

Gianforte has been travelling around the state. He recently returned from events in Butte, Whitefish, Great Falls and Big Sky, as well as some smaller towns, before making a stop in Missoula.

According to a press release from the Gianforte campaign, he raised over $1.4 million in 2019. An internal poll among Republican voters found Gianforte to lead the race for governor with 54 percent support.

Attorney General Tim Fox and State Senator Albert Olszewski are the other two Republican candidates for Montana’s governor in the 2020 cycle.

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