The Montana Shooting Sports Association has officially endorsed Republican Greg Gianforte for governor.

MSSA President Gary Marbut said, in his view, Gianforte best represents the interests of gun owners in Montana.

"We do have a recommendation for Montana gun owners, and that is that Greg Gianforte is clearly the best candidate for governor for the next four years," Marbut said. "As gun owners generally know, we've had some problems with the incumbent Governor Steve Bullock, who has vetoed a bunch of the bills that we have worked hard to get through the legislature on behalf of Montana gun owners."

Marbut provided the criteria used by the MSSA to determine the best choice for governor.

"We evaluate these candidates on the basis of their political history, and on what they say in their candidate questionnaires when they returned them to us," he said. "Governor Bullock did not return his questionnaire, but we do have his political history , that is, he has vetoed too many of our bills. We did get a good questionnaire from Gianforte, and we got no questionnaire from Libertarian candidate Ted Dunlap, so based on their history and the questionnaires, we think Gianforte would be a great governor for Montana gun owners."

Marbut also told KGVO News that he will be offering another of his organization's very popular classes on gun safety on August 14.

"I've scheduled the class for August 14th, which is a Sunday," he said. "I do these classes all on one weekend day, morning in the classroom, outdoors on the range. I've now graduated over 5,000 students from these classes. It's all about gun safety, safe gun handling, kids and guns, Montana gun laws, allowable uses of lethal force. We do all that in the morning lecture, then we're outdoors at the range, actually practicing firearms safety and safe firearms handling."

To register, call Marbut at 549-12-52 or send an email to