A self-defense class will be offered this Thursday in light of a Big Sky High School student’s senior project. Anna Slown said her project and class look to raise awareness of a sexual assault culture and how one stays safe within that environment.

"It's basically just trying to bring awareness of sexual assault to my school community," Slown said. "Right now I have a clothesline project in the hallways of my school and it just has t-shirts with different messages from victims of sexual assault. In my class I'm hoping to teach people ways to protects themselves from sexual assault."

Slown said anyone is able to attend and is free for women.

"The teacher is going to be Master Parker and he's a 30-year black belt," Slown said. "It is Thursday, November 13 at 6:30 p.m. and it's at the Missoula Taekwando Academy on 320 Lawrence Street."

"I've learned that self-empowerment is a strong asset," she said. "Being mindful, boosting our alertness and knowing some tricks to keep ourselves safer is the goal behind offering this session."