37 year-old Samuel Fawcett, a former school resource officer in Stevensville, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with sex crimes involving a minor child.

Ravalli County Attorney Bill Fulbright said the investigation began in April.

The charges came to light when the minor child was interviewed by First Step in Missoula, where it was revealed that the child had been touched inappropriately at school by a classmate. She told investigators that the defendant had also touched her in that way.

Fulbright said the timing of the charges coincided with Fawcett's administrative leave from the police department and that he was no longer at the school.

“The charges have no relationship with the school, and I know people were concerned about that. He was arrested on a warrant yesterday, posted bond on that warrant and he will make his first court appearance on July 19th.”

Fulbright said the charges carry a maximum sentence of up to 100 years in the Montana State Prison.

KGVO reported last week that the Ravalli County Sheriff’s Office has temporarily taken over patrols in Stevensville, because the Chief of Police is the only remaining member of the force.

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