The Missoula Fire Department was called out to stop a fire at TJ Maxx at around 6:50 Thursday evening.

"Evidently a customer came in and reported that there was smoke coming from the roof," said Fire investigator Charles Talbot. "The store evacuated the people from the store and by the time people were evacuated and the roof hatch was opened up, the fire department showed up and they found a small fire on the roof involving the styrofoam insulation.

Both TJ Maxx and the adjacent business REI, were evacuated, but Talbot says the fire was kept to just one area.

"The fire was not visible inside the building and actually didn't impact anything inside the building," Talbot said. "It was just the roof membrane and styrofoam."

TJ Maxx personnel were kept outside for about an hour during the firefighting effort. The fire is still under investigation and Talbot says the original damage estimate of $5,000 is probably on the conservative side.

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