The body of 47-year-old Rita Maze was discovered in the trunk of a car near the Spokane Airport this morning, September 7, after she called 911 reporting that she had been hit in the head at rest stop near Wolf Creek and abducted.

A spokesman from the Federal Bureau of Investigation has confirmed that the FBI is now involved in the case, which also involves Lewis and Clark County and Spokane County Sheriff’s Departments.

According to KXLY TV Spokane law enforcement was able to find Maze’s body after pinging her cellphone and then flooding the area near the airport with patrol cars.

The FBI is expected to release the name or photo of a person of interest Wednesday evening, but an FBI spokesperson said they did not have the information prepared yet as of 2:30 p.m.

There are still lots of questions involved in the case, including how Maze was able to call 911, why she was killed, and why she was taken to Spokane. Her original route appears to have been from Helena to her hometown of Great Falls.

More information including any information about a suspect in this case will be updated here.