School authorities in East Missoula have reported that three girls, between the ages of 9 and 11, have been dealing with multiple encounters with two men who stalk them on their way to and from school, and have been known to use sexually explicit language.The incidents have been occuring over the past month, and the Missoula County Sheriff's office has published information about the men in hopes that the public may be able to help solve the case.

  • The first male is described as having stubbly facial hair and darker skin. This male is always seen wearing shorts and tennis shoes – and possibly purple colored t-shirts.
  • The second male is described as having brown hair with hazel eyes and always wears sweatpants.
  • Suspects were seen driving in a purple Dodge Durango that may possibly have a gray front bumper. The males were also seen driving in a silver (or possibly white) passenger car. The male subjects were sighted most often near the Randles and Speedway neighborhoods of East Missoula.

Paige Pavalone from the Missoula County Sheriff’s office says that law enforcement will be increased in the area, but that parents should be extra vigilant and help to monitor paths to and from the bus stops.

Anyone with any information about the two suspects is advised to call Crimestoppers at 721-4444.