Snow was no stranger to Montana towards the end of 2013, and all of that snowfall  boosted Montana's snow pack upwards near normal for this time of year. Old Man Winter came in full force in Montana in the remaining months of 2013, and he brought a lot of snow along with him. The snow, in turn, put the state in good standing when it came to water supply and snow pack.

"We're looking at about 99 percent of average stream flows is what we're anticipating from the current conditions that we have right now," said National Resources Conservation Service water supply specialist Brian Domonkos. "Now, of course, we have about another 50 percent of our snow pack to come through late May, let's say. Things could change pretty drastically."

Typically by this time of year, Montana has accumulated only 50 percent of its snow pack.  However, an abundance of autumn snowfall, and cooler than normal temperatures experienced towards the end of 2013, helped retain much of the snow pack.

"We typically anticipate an average year, especially for this, the January 1 observation and report here," Domonkos said. "This month as the snow pack is right now, its at 111 percent of average, so that's a pretty good start to the year."

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