Missoula is currently abiding by Stage 1 fire restrictions, however, with the dry weather conditions Emergency Management Director Adrian Beck says Missoula may have to move into Stage 2 fire restrictions soon.

"All those components that contribute to fire danger continue to increase as well and so part of the restrictions and closures plan that we all adhere to indicates that we are probably approaching conditions that adhere Stage 2 restrictions," Beck said. "We aren’t quite there yet, but all indications are that without a significant change in weather we will likely be there soon."

Missoula has not seen Stage 2 fire restrictions since 2007, and if they are enacted the public will have new rules to follow.

"Certain activities would not be allowed between the hours of 1 p.m. to 1 a.m.," Beck said. "Those activities specifically are operating any internal combustion engines. After 1 p.m., once the cessation of those activities have occurred then it requires a one hour fire watch or foot patrol where the activity took place. Additionally, operating motorized vehicles off designated roads or trails becomes a prohibited activity."

Authorities will meet to discuss the restrictions early next week.

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