Fire season is rapidly approaching. The Department of Natural Resources and Conservation is encouraging Missoula residents to use a three step plan to get ready. Public Relations Specialist Jordan Koppen says he's noticed many homes are not prepared.

“People have a lot of wood piles under their homes it's time to get those wood piles away from their homes,” Koppen said. “Some people have wood shingled roofs, these ember showers that come from these showers can ignite wood so easily. There’s just so many steps you could take precaution wise.”

The first step is 'Ready.' The last two steps, 'Set' and 'Go,' are designed to help residents come up with an evacuation plan and to have their cell phones registered to the reverse 911 service for text updates.

“Call your fire department they will come out and help you,” Koppen said. “They will do home assessments. They will tell you what you need to work on so your home has the best percentage and the best chances of surviving a wildfire. That’s what we need Missoula County to do.”

For the full plan and more details check out their website at


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