On July 21, 2022, at around 3:00 am, a man called 911 after his vehicle was nearly hit by another vehicle. The caller was on his way to work driving eastbound on Broadway Street near Toole Avenue. The caller said the other vehicle was traveling very fast toward him and was unable to maintain its lane of travel. The caller said he was forced off the road and onto the sidewalk to avoid being hit head-on by the other vehicle. Missoula Police Department Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold explains. 

“Officers responded to a report of a vehicle that had been driven into a utility pole and a building,” Arnold said. ‘The driver, Wesley Goings, was attempting to fight a witness. A caller had also said the truck Goings was driving was traveling at a high rate of speed towards their vehicle and partially in their lane, causing them to have to swerve off the road to avoid being hit before Goings crashed into the building and utility pole.” 

According to court documents, Goings’ vehicle only missed the other vehicle by about one foot. Goings ultimately crashed into a building in the 1200 block of West Broadway Street. 

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“On scene, officers observed Goings was visibly stumbling around and could not stand without leaning on a solid object,” Arnold said. “Goings told officers he was not injured despite bleeding from multiple places. Goings could not comprehend why his vehicle had to be towed failing to notice half of his truck was in a building.” 

Goings was uncooperative when he was told to avoid the potentially live electrical wires and his speech was slurred when he spoke. An officer also smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from Goings. 

“When officers detained Goings, Goings was caught off guard by the presence of officers despite multiple police cars with active red and blue emergency flashing lights,” Arnold said. “Medical was on scene and transported Goings to a local hospital to get checked out due to the accident. After being medically cleared, Goings was transported to the Missoula County Detention Center. This case is still under investigation with the Missoula Police Department Detective Division.” 

Goings is currently being charged with felony criminal endangerment, reckless driving, and DUI first offense. 

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable.

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