A Montana family has reached out to KGVO News to get out the story of their son and his family, who are actively helping refugees escape from Ukraine into Poland.

The first message received on Saturday introduced a Missoula native who is a Green Beret. Their son, who is active duty with the U.S. Army, and his wife are helping get people to the border and escape the Russian invasion.

One message read:

‘Please pray. We’ve got a coworker helping to get a girl from our church to get into Poland. They are 14 kilometers away from the border. There is a huge line of abandoned cars. They are going to walk. Its freezing temperatures and lines at the border are a 1 to 2 day wait. It’s been an extremely long three weeks, and the past few hours have been challenging. Please pray that God opens up a way to cross.’

KGVO asked if there are any agencies where Montanans can donate to assist these efforts.

After providing more information about the individual attempting to aid the escape (who will remain anonymous for their safety), this individual said donations to the Red Cross might help.

A dramatic text message then came through early Sunday morning (Montana time).

‘Texts through the night were confusing. But (this individual) stayed at the border until a short while ago. He was able to facilitate (a Polish organization) to go over the border and get the Teen Challenge people out.



We thought they got out yesterday, but it was very confusing and (this individual) ended up helping other people as well, most especially an (unidentified) young woman and her daughter, whose husband stayed to fight.


This family reports that the woman and her daughter are very traumatized and asked for prayer because (this individual) doesn’t know what she can say or do to help them. You can only imagine.

Thank you for praying.


It’s 5:00 p.m. there. I’ve only heard that UNICEF and Save the Children are appealing for $66 million. I haven’t heard about Samaritan’s Purse or Convoy of Hope yet.’

Also on Sunday, KGVO received another text.

‘Peter, Convoy of Hope is operating in the region. I’ve been in touch with them. So, people can donate on the Convoy of Hope site. They are legit. I know them. We’re worked closely with them in Africa and in the U.S. after natural disasters.’

KGVO urges anyone who would like to donate to help these people attempting to escape the Russian invasion of Ukraine to contact Convoy of Hope, or any other authorized charity or agency they trust.

KGVO will keep our audience updated with any new messages.

Again, KGVO is using every available method to keep the identities of those involved confidential for their safety.

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