Veteran, surgeon, state legislator and candidate for governor, Dr. Al Olszewski has officially announced his intention to run for the newly opened second Montana seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

KGVO caught up with Olszewski on Friday morning, the day after his official declaration. He said public service is his inspiration for running for Congress.

“I took an oath back when I was 22 years old to defend the US Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic,” said Olszewski. “What we're seeing happening on the west coast in Portland is basically a trampling on and tearing down of our culture in an attempt to destroy our Constitution.”

Olszewski referenced the left’s rage to negate all the good that President Trump did for the country.

“Even President Trump is a target,” he said. “Everything has to be destroyed and erased. Even the great things he did on the southern border to prevent what's happening now, with that horrible humanitarian crisis down on the border. That's got to stop and it doesn't happen with nice words and trying to compromise and trying to have unity with the Democrat party.”

Olszewski acknowledged that a U.S. Congressman is only one of 435 voices in the House, but aims to make his voice heard.

“To be the one that represents western Montana and everything we believe in, and those issues that make us a prosperous state and even being one of over 435 people,” he said. “You can do that by being vocal and being willing to share your story and being able to reach out and connect with people, and at other times being the squeaky wheel.”

Olszewski was up front about seeking the endorsement of former President Trump by showing himself as the true Montana grass roots candidate, by asking 2,500 people to donate $1 to his campaign.

“One of my major goals as a candidate in this race is to make sure that my opponent doesn't get an endorsement from former President Donald Trump,” he said. “President Trump respects our grassroots people here. And if I can have 2,500 one dollar donors, then that speaks loudly to the Trump organization, and for President Trump personally to say, you know what, let the people speak. So, please, if you can donate $1 or more, go to al for and make a donation.”

The other high profile Republican in the race, and the first to declare, was former Congressman and Secretary of the Interior under President Trump, Ryan Zinke.

The first Democrat to declare was State Representative Laurie Bishop of Livingston.


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