A reported grass fire near the 4100 block of Duncan Drive up the Rattlesnake in Missoula was reported today at around 6 p.m. and Fire Marshall Gordy Hughes said the cause of the fire was because of a down power line.

"A cross-arm on a high tension power line had failed dropping one leg of the power to the ground igniting a grass fire," Hughes said. "What was reported was approximately a half an acre and I think the only reason why that it grew to that size was that crews were suspect that the line was still energized."

Hughes said fire crews had to wait about an hour before they could extinguish the fire due to the high voltage line on the ground.

"Anymore, you know, it's hard to tell what lines are power, what lines are phone, what lines are cable," Hughes said. "I would say anytime you see an elevated line from a power pole, or any pole, to assume that it is energized, electric and give it plenty of distance. I wouldn't get any closer because it can travel through air, all the way through a person's body to find ground. So if a person recognizes a line, the first thing they should do is call 9-1-1."

No injuries were reported.