A program called Hunters against Hunger is helping feed Montanans all across the state. In fact, the number one source of protein at the Missoula food bank is from wild game, donated by hunters. Montana FWP Public Information Officer Vivaca Crowser explains how hunters, even those that aren’t successful, can help out.

“There are places all across the state where you can do this and there are really two ways to participate,” Crowser said. “One is to donate to the program and to donate money when you purchase your license. Sometimes license providers will ask you and sometimes they don’t, but you can always do that when you purchase a license. That money goes right back to the processors to offset their costs. Of course you can also donate an animal.”

For those that harvest game animals, the donated game has to be processed commercially.

“In the Missoula area, there are two participating processors that will take the meat and then donate it to the Missoula Food Bank and they are H & H Meats in Missoula and Lolo Locker,” Crowser said. “If you want to see across the state, all the participating providers maybe are not right in the Missoula area, then you can go to the Montana Food Bank’s website. They have more information on the program and a list of everybody across the state that will take those donations.”

Though the Missoula Food Bank receives a large portion of game donations, Food Banks in Bozeman gets even more, so FWP is trying to spread the word of the program in Western Montana to make sure hunters know the option exists.

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