Missoula County Commissioner Bill Carey announced the fact that he would be retiring last week, but on Tuesday, he clarified the date of his retirement as mid-September.

"The timing seemed right, both personally and for the county," said Carey, who has been a County Commissioner since 1998, meaning he will have spent nearly 16 years in the commissioner's chair. "I've very deliberately been a part of the culture here at the county, which is a culture of caring, thoughtfulness and kindness. I've chosen mid-September for my retirement because it coincides with my 70th birthday."

Carey said passing the open space bonds and the removal of the Milltown Dam are two of the most memorable projects he's worked on over the years, but there is one project he wants to see completed.

"I'm trying to inform seniors about the benefits of senior cooperative housing," he said. "I think that would be a huge benefit to many seniors in the county."

Carey said the fact that there are only three commissioners as opposed to 12 city councilors and a mayor, make county government more nimble and able to act and react more quickly.

"I don't have to convince six or seven other people about an idea or a project, I just need one ally, since two commissioners out of three is a quorum. It's just easier to deal with a smaller group of people, honestly," he said.

Since Carey will retire prior to the completion of his term, a replacement will be named. The two remaining commissioners will interview candidates and then select one individual to represent area two of the county. He or she will then have the opportunity to run for the open seat in November 2016.


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