Some weeks the Missoula County Attorney’s office can see upwards to 20 or more serious felonies, but this week brought a brief respite with about half that amount.

Chief Deputy County Attorney Jason Marks filled in for County Attorney Kirsten Pabst, who was representing the state at the sentencing of Tiffanie Rae Pierce and Augustus Standingrock.

“We filed 10 new cases this week,” said Marks. “Four of those involved drugs, methamphetamine and heroin specifically. Other than that there were routine matters with a felony theft, criminal endangerment, nothing that would really stand out in particular.”

Marks said nearly two years of hard work were rewarded on Friday with the sentencing of Pierce and Standingrock.

“The sentencing was today, and they are off to the men’s and women’s prisons, respectively, and our office is closing down our work on those cases.”

Marks or County Attorney Kirsten Pabst shares the weekly crime report every Friday on KGVO’s Talk Back Radio talk show.

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