Thursday, August 6,  Missoula County Sheriff T. J. McDermott and Missoula County resolved the complaint Mike Dominick filed with the Montana Human Rights Bureau against Sheriff McDermott and Missoula County.

Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst says as part of the agreement Dominick will retire at from his role at the sheriff’s department and instead will work as an Investigator for the Missoula County Attorney’s Office.

"It's sure a win-win for us," Pabst said. "We've been trying to get a position like this and have had a need for it for many years. This is really an exciting time for us because in the midst of really budgeting our special victims unit and our litigation team this is the last piece to the puzzle. We're really excited about this opportunity and were really pleased that somebody of Mike Dominick’s caliber will be filling that role."

This position will provide critical investigative work that will help build stronger cases.

"His focus is going to be helping our litigation teams with trial prep," Pabst said. "The last minute rounding up witnesses, gathering information, helping put together rebuttal cases for both our civil litigation and our criminal litigation teams but particularly to assist with our special victims unit."

According to Pabst, Dominick plans on retiring immediately and will begin his new position on Monday August 17th.

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