On Friday’s Talk Back program, Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst reported that her office prosecuted 26 felony cases, a heavy load for one week.

She highlighted three cases that law enforcement had to investigate; the first was a series of home invasions.

“Within about 25 minutes there were three home invasion incidents within about 25 minutes on the north side of Missoula,” said Pabst. “In the first one, the defendant tried to kick in the door of an apartment, but the owners then sprayed him with bear spray through a hole in the door. After that, the defendant kicked in the door of another house where the homeowner confronted him with a gun and he fled. He allegedly broke a window at a third house in an effort to gain entry.”

One incident involved a drunken brawl at a local watering hole.

“In that case, the defendant allegedly got into a fight in the parking lot of Larry’s Six Mile Bar and they were both very intoxicated. The defendant was then accused of driving into the other man’s yard and damaging his yard decorations which consisted of some old farm equipment.”

In the third incident, the defendant began with violating an order of protection.

“The defendant was charged with three counts of violating an order of protection,” she said. “He violated another order of protection, and then committed a burglary and escape. The defendant went into his girlfriend’s residence and stole some very important documents. Then, while being transported, the defendant climbed out of the open patrol car’s window and fled, even though he was in handcuffs.”

He was quickly detained.

She also filed a third offense for indecent exposure.

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